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( Introductory & Basic )

Rock climbing is one of the most popular sports in western world and in some other countries and continents. Being custodian of some of the world’s tallest mountains, mountain climbing and mountains related sports and activities are supposedly our legacy. Pakistan has a remarkable hilly and mountainous area, thus offers best opportunities for novices to learn or professional climbers to test their skill of climbing.

Panoramic Pakistan, a tourism and adventure outfitters have a repute and track record of organizing outdoor activities and extreme adventure sports and is fully equipped with quality equipment and the services of highly skilled instructors with long experience of training and organizing Rock Climbing throughout the country.

Offering exclusive programs for males, females and kids with full range of equipment for training sessions, we organize climbing training at selected places with different technical levels for novice and amateur climbers. Various climbing areas and cliffs are given esthetically selected names e.g. Jasmine Corner, Musical Lounge, Beetle’s Nest, Saidpur Challenge and Picnickers Place etc. Besides Margallas, we have selected and established different climbing pitches at places like Khanpur, Chenab Rocks, Khannian in Kaghan Valley, Swat Valley, Ghizer, Karimabad in Hunza Valley, Passu in Gojal and Skardu etc.

Our specially designed training courses cover introductory and basic levels with theoretical and practical parts along with knowledge about safety measures and environmental issues. A sketch of introductory and basic climbing program is given for your perusal; however you are welcome to get further information by calling or visiting us or by sending an email with your query.

Rush to join in a thrilling and exciting training session to test your skill, stamina and speed on bare rocks; it’s real fun and adventure!!!

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