Pakistan, a marvel of Asia to be explored, is a four season's destination. A trip to this enchanting land is equally interesting for people from all walks of life. The diverse activities while visiting Pakistan include history, archaeology, geography, culture, adventure and special interest, altogether.

The majestic Indus River passing through the whole stretch of the country has been a cradle of a developed and civilized system of life as ancient as those of Egypt and Mesopotamia. It is also known that this region has tracks which can be traced back to the earliest possible life on earth.

Its landscape is captivating as it has all the colors of nature. Guarded by high snow covered mountains in the North, the panorama changes and one passes through the lower lush green valleys, fertile plains, vast deserts and sandy beaches forming the boundary in the South.

Pakistanís four provinces with federally administrated Northern Areas have a variety of ethnic groups, with different languages, cultures, customs and habitats.

As the northern mountain region is a prime attraction for the summer season, the south is equally luring in winter. A traveller can opt for any thing of any taste; he will find it exceeds his expectations. If Moenjodaro, Harappa, Taxila are attractions for the people with an interest in history and archaeology, then K-2 and Nanga Parbat are the top priority for adventure enthusiasts. A trip to Northern Areas simply proves your dreams prove true to being in a utopia.

The lost kingdom of mountains is a natural treasure with a soft touch of adventure and culture, and with its modern feature, Karakoram Highway, relives the legendary Silk Route, which connects Pakistan with China and the Central Asian States, the prime attractions for the tourists to Asia. Though time stands still here, you will still find quality infrastructure while travelling through the extremely scenic areas of this region.

Since ages, this area had a prime attraction for the great invaders and explores like Alexander of Macedonia, Buddhists, Genghis Khan, and Mughals and lately by Dutch, Portuguese and British traders. The traces of their footsteps and influence of their culture is so strong that their imprints can be found in abundance as if the history is written on stones.

To enjoy all these wonderful places, we have designed our tours in such a pattern that you may select one according to your taste or you may combine different activities in one tour. Our tailored itineraries will give you an idea to select a program in the suggested manner or to customize it with your priorities. Whatever you select, our seasoned and professional staff will change it into an unforgettable memory of life. To confirm the phrase "seeing is believing", just ask for a tour and allow us to welcome you to Pakistan at Panoramic Pakistan.

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