Best Season : Mid Oct. to Mid Mar.
Days in Boats : 03
Days on Camels : 03
Region : Taunsa ( River Indus ) - Bahawalpur - Cholistan - Multan

The mighty river called as Lion River as well, the Indus shows its different facets while flowing through Pakistan. Its upper portion where it runs swiftly through narrow gorges is ideal for rafting, while in the southern plain region it becomes smooth and flows in a wide span, where we make an unforgettable adventure using old wooden boats.

The second part of this adventure is another unique experience, where we cross the Cholistan Desert riding on camel-back and spending nights under the open sky. This is an experience without time limits, where time seems to


    Day 01 Arrival in Pakistan

    Welcome in Pakistan at Islamabad and transfer to hotel. In the afternoon we will make a city sightseeing tour to Rawalpindi and Islamabad, which offers a great contrast of culture, archaeology and planning. Rawalpindi is an old city with narrow lanes and bustling bazaars while Islamabad is a modern and the only planned city of Pakistan serving as the capital of the state. Raja Bazaar, Murree Road, Lok Virsa Museum and Shah Faisal Mosque are the places of tourist interest included in the tour.

    Day 02 Islamabad - Taunsa

    We make an early departure for Taunsa, a famous barrage on River Indus in Punjab province. On arrival we establish a campsite and stay for overnight in tents. A camp night along River Indus is an unforgettable experience as our staff arrange for a bonfire with camel dance under open skies.

    Day 03 Boating - Taunsa - Jhanjhan Wali

    We start cruising in River Indus on wooden boats, manually driven by long bamboos, without any noise of engines or a motor. It seems as we are in a time machine and observing the historical voyages. In the evening we anchor our boats and stay in tents for overnight.

    Day 04 Boating - Jhanjhan Wali - Khar Gharbi

    A leisure day on the deck to watch migratory birds and occasionally jumping blind dolphin in River Indus is a unique experience. Without any newspaper or satellite TV or cellular phones, we cross the time limit and enjoy an unforgettable time.

    Day 05 Khar Gharbi - Ghazi Ghat - Bahawalpur

    Today, we will finish our boating adventure at Ghazi Ghat and mount on our vehicles to drive to Bahawalpur for overnight.

    Day 06 Bahawalpur - Channan Pir

    Bahawalpur was the state capital in old days before a merging into Pakistan. The buildings of the town are grand and still reveal the glimpses of good old days. After making a brief visit of the town, we will drive to Channan Pir, visiting Lal Sohanra Park, en route, where our stay will be in tents.

    Day 07 Camel Riding ( Channan Pir - Hallo Rani )

    Channan Pir is a shrine of the desert saint of same name from where we start our camel ride. The place is also known for its colourful annual festival ( in February ) when people from desert and from all parts of country come to visit the place with a lot of colourful activities.

    From Channan Pir, we start our camel ride and go in the heart of desert. Our overnight stay is arranged at a small dwelling, called as Hallo Rani.

    Day 08 Camel Riding ( Hallo Rani - Toba )

    The place with availability of water is called as Toba. Today our camel ride will finish at Toba and we will camp in the desert under open sky.

    Day 09 Camel Riding ( Toba - Derawar )

    We will finish our strange adventure of camel riding at Derawar, a place known for its huge building of an impressive old fort, a marble mosque and tombs of royal family of Bahawalpur. Another colourful night to enjoy with our staff, when they perform dances, sings and organize camel dance etc.

    Day 10 Derawar - Multan

    We start our return journey and make a detour to pay a visit to elegantly designed tombs of Uch Shareef, a small town with famous tombs of saints. Later on we drive to Multan, where we will make a city tour in the evening. Multan is known for ages and is famous for the tombs of Sufi saints. Rest of the city is also has a blend of rich culture and a different kind of ethnic group.

    Day 11 Multan - Islamabad

    We will transfer to airport to catch a flight Islamabad where evening is free for packing and shopping of souvenirs.

    Our staff will provide transfer and assistance at departure and say bon voyage for your onwards journey.

End of the Tour

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