No. of days : 31
Trekking Days : 21
Range : Himalayas
Grade : Strenuous
Best Season : Jun. to Sep.
Max. Elevation : 5377 meters

Nanga Parbat ( 8125m ) is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. It has three main faces known as Rupal, Diamer and Raikot, which are totally different in appearance and shape and their routes start from different valleys.

For Rupal Face, we start from Gilgit or KKH to Tarashing, a green alpine village at the head of the jeep track. It takes another two days to arrive at Rupal base camp. For Diamer base camp the track is the most lengthy as it needs three days to reach and the last is Raikot, where we go up to Raikot Bridge on KKH to switch over to local jeeps for Jail, a small place in Tato Valley at the foot of Fairy Meadows.

This program includes a visit to all three faces crossing high passes en route. This program can be shortened according to available time, as we have given different options to finish trekking at several points.


    Day 01 Arrival in Pakistan

    Welcome in Pakistan at Islamabad and transfer to hotel. In the afternoon we will make a city sightseeing tour to Rawalpindi and Islamabad, which offers a great contrast of culture, archaeology and planning. Rawalpindi is an old city with narrow lanes and bustling bazaars while Islamabad is a modern and the only planned city of Pakistan serving as the capital of the state. Raja Bazaar, Murree Road, Lok Virsa Museum and Shah Faisal Mosque are the places of tourist interest included in the tour.

    Day 02 Islamabad - Chilas

    We depart from Islamabad and arrive at Besham crossing the famous towns of Abbottabad and Mansehra. Later on ffollowing the upstream course of River Indus, we will make photo stops at Shatial rocks with ancient graffiti's on it. After a long day aboard, we arrive at Chilas and transfer to hotel for overnight.

    Day 03 Chilas - Gulmit

    Some interesting carvings can be seen on the rocks at Chilas, even from the window of your vehicle and next to Chilas is the Nanga Parbat viewpoint offering breathtaking views. The next stop will be at the unique point where three mountain ranges, Karakoram, Himalayas and Hindu Kush meet, near the confluence of Indus and Gilgit Rivers. We bye passes the Gilgit Town and continue our drive on KKH. En route, we cross several villages of Hunza & Nagar valleys and make a photo stop at Rakaposhi view point. Driving past Karimabad, we go straight to Gulmit, a quite and serene village in upper Hunza region and stay for overnight.

    Day 04 Gulmit - Khunjerab Pass - Karimabad ( Hunza Valley )

    Today we will make an excursion to the Sino-Pak border at Khunjerab, crossing the villages of Passu and Sost en route. Khunjerab is the highest point on KKH at 4734 meters and considered as the highest trade route in the world. In the evening we will drive back to Gulmit and keep on driving to Karimabad, the capital of Hunza Valley.

    Day 05 Karimabad - Sightseeing

    Ultar, Hunza Dome, Bublimating, Spantik and Diran are famous peaks surrounds us at Karimabad, while Rakaposhi at 7788m dominates the whole panorama. At Karimabad, we visit Baltit Fort Museum and Altit Fort. Rest of the day is free for walking around villages and famous terraced fields of Hunza.

    Day 06 Karimabad - Gilgit

    We will drive back to Gilgit, where we enjoy a free time to explore bazaar and town. Gilgit River flowing through the town offers superb views and walk along its banks is rewarding.

    Day 07 Gilgit - Tarashing

    We drive by jeeps to Tarashing, a lovely village at the head of jeep track. Tarashing is one of the villages in northern areas, where we camp for overnight.

    Day 08 Tarashing - Bizhin

    An easy day of walking apart from crossing a tail of Tarashing Glacier, we camp at Rupal, a green and lovely place.

    Day 09 Bizhin - Shaigiri BC

    Shaigiri is a vast flower filled place, serving as base camp for climbing teams to Nanga Parbat. The south face of Nanga Parbat, known as Rupal Face is a steep rock of 4500 meters high.

    Day 10 Shaigiri - Day Free

    Day free at Shaigiri to enjoy the beauty of surrounding peaks and for side walks.

    ( Exit Option - returning back via Trashing to KKH & Chilas in 3 days )

    Day 11 Shaigiri - Mazino Base Camp

    After a comfortable walk with views of Leila and Rupal peaks on back, we arrive at a green campsite with stream of running water. Base camp is a good place for camping offering superb views around.

    Day 12 Mazino BC - Mazino High Camp

    A steady climb on loose boulders takes us the high camp, en route Mazino Pass can be viewed ahead. It's a short portion of the track but good to have a rest before crossing the pass.

    Day 13 Mazino HC - Loiba

    Very early start for a tough and long day as we cross the Mazino Pass at 5377m and descend into Bunar region. After crossing the pass we negotiate a portion with open and hidden crevasses on the slope, safety fixed ropes are must. After this portion, the walk is easy and we camp for overnight besides a stream.

    Day 14 Loiba - Kachal

    An easy and lovely descent up to the green meadows and birch woods up to Iril and then we cross a gali to arrive in Kachal.

    ( Exit Option - via Bunar, KKH & Chilas in 3 days )

    Day 15 Kachal - Nanga Parbat ( Diamer BC )

    It is a steady climb through birch trees to Kutgali, the last village towards Diamer face of Nanga Parbat. The campsite is a green plateau with a variety of lovely alpine flowers all around.

    Day 16 Nanga Parbat Base Camp - Day Free

    Diamer Face is the most popular climbing route for Nanga Parbat. We enjoy a free day at base camp among several climbing teams. From the base camp the whole face of Nanga Parbat is visible and routes can be watched with binoculars / telescopes.

    Day 17 Nanga Parbat Base Camp - Kachal

    We start walking down to Kachal, an easy walk of four hours and rest of the day is free at leisure and to prepare for next day's tough trek to Kachal Gali.

    ( Exit Option - via Bunar, KKH & Chilas in 3 days )

    Day 18 Kachal - High Camp

    After a steep hike, with no water or shade available, we cross Kachal Gali at 4400m, and descent into Patro Valley, leading to Gonar Farm. Our camp will be at a summer shepherd's settlement.

    ( Exit Option - via Gonar & Chilas in 2 days )

    Day 19 High Camp - Jungle

    We start our walk and arrive at place called as Jungle after a steep descent to Patro River. We camp across the river in the forest.

    Day 20 Jungle - Lower Khusto

    We start walking through pinewoods and arrive at fields of maize and barley with beautiful views of Ganalo Peak ahead. We camp in a high pasture with fresh spring water available.

    Day 21 Lower Khusto - Jilipur Pass Base Camp

    Climbing steeply, we cross the tree line and arrive at a small lake with a waterfall. Later proceed to the campsite, from where a trek leads to South Jilipur Peak.

    Day 22 Jilipur Pass Base Camp - Beyal Camp

    The path to the pass is a little tricky however the Jilipur Pass at 4837m gives magnificent views of Nanga Parbat massif. Across the pass is a steep descent in Raikot Valley, we keep on walking down and arrive at Beyal for overnight camping.

    Day 23 Beyal Camp - Day Free

    Day free for rest and enjoy the superb and grand view of Nanga Parbat, main peak at 8125m and other prominent peaks of the massif.

    Day 24 Beyal Camp - Excursion Nanga Parbat Base Camp

    ( Raikot Face ) - Fairy Meadows

    We make a trip to the base camp crossing tails of glaciers with well identified track. At base camp, a monument had been erected in the memory of climbers died on the mountain. After a packed cold picnic lunch at base camp, we will return to our campsite. From Beyal, we walk down to Fairy Meadows, which is a comfortable walk. Fairy Meadows offers glorious views of Nanga Parbat and the beauty is unsurpassed and overwhelming.

    We have enjoyed a great day, which will be followed by a camp fire with local male dance and music.

    ( Exit Option - via Raikot Bridge & Chilas in 1 day )

    Day 25 Fairy Meadows - Muthat

    We walk down to Tato Valley to arrive in Muthat, a village on the other side of the main route to Fairy Meadows.

    Day 26 Muthat - Glacier Camp

    Following the Buldar Glacier, we arrive at the high camp for Muthat Pass. Different views of the surrounding mountains are superb as we are watching the Nanga Parbat Massif from every side and corner.

    Day 27 Muthat HC - Rama Ridge Camp

    We will start trekking to cross Muthat Pass at 4965m and walk down on Lotang Glacier and camp on the ridge of Rama.

    Day 28 Rama Ridge Camp - Rama Lake

    The last day of our trekking and end of a great expedition, takes us to Rama, where we camp besides the lake. A calm night with memory of the past days crossing several high passes and walking through valleys is rewarding.

    Day 29 Rama Lake - Chilas

    From Rama Lake, we will drive by jeeps to KKH and onwards to Chilas and transfer to hotel on arrival for a fresh water shower and a night on beds.

    Day 30 Chilas - Islamabad

    To drive back to Islamabad, we make an early departure from Chilas and following the course of River Indus, we arrive in Islamabad in the evening. Rest of the time is free for rest and packing.

    Day 31 Departure

    Our staff will provide transfer and assistance at departure and say bon voyage for your onwards journey.

End of the Tour

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